The Importance of an Integrated QMS and SMS in Helicopter Operations

Tuesday, February 25 || 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Anaheim Convention Center

Instructor: Chris Young, PRISM

Professional Development Credit: FAA AMT & Wings program credit

The relationship in aviation between a quality management system (QMS) and a safety management system (SMS) has developed into an insightful association. The importance of their harmonious integration is becoming a crucial element in any successful flight operation. As SMS continues to evolve, it will take on a dominant role in a company’s overall strategy. Organizational leaders need to direct their focus on how QMS and SMS can complement each other in the implementation and sustainment of their management system(s).

This session will enable participants to become familiar with how QMS and SMS are integral to each other’s success.

Chris Young was an instructor pilot for the U.S. Navy and also served as executive and commanding officer of Navy Reserve units. He is a commercial- and instrument-rated pilot in multi/single engine helicopters and airplanes and flew as an air medical captain. While at Sikorsky Aircraft, Young helped develop their safety management system, performed safety audits, created a human factors curriculum, and conducted incident investigations. As vice president of Helicopter Aviation Services at PRISM, he provides clients guidance on SMS issues.