HELI-EXPO 2013 Professional Education Courses

Helicopter Maintenance Management

March 1–4, 2013 | | 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, Level 2
Maintenance Skills Track

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This four-day course has two primary purposes for the manager in a maintenance organization. First, it gives managers critical, yet often overlooked skills to control a complex issue that confronts every organization: limited resources to accomplish its objectives. Second, the course reinforces the required technical proficiency that managers must maintain by offering an in-depth regulatory review.

At the conclusion of the course, attendees will —

  • Understand what influences managers in a maintenance organization
  • Learn management principles and techniques for managing people and controlling jobs
  • Gain a better understanding of different types of costs and be able to identify areas for reduction of product and service costs
  • Be aware of the importance of information systems, the pluses and minuses of automation, and the influence of information on making objective decisions
  • Have increased knowledge of inventory costs and how to control them
  • Learn various aspects of financial management and accounting and their importance, and how to develop budgets
  • Refresh their knowledge of relevant Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for maintenance record keeping; transfer of aircraft records; traceability requirements of parts; FAA aircraft certification; FAA inspection authorization renewal, and international certification issues.

Brandon Battles, vice president and co-owner at Conklin & de Decker, is the principal course instructor. During his 25 years in the aviation industry, Battles has used his business, management, and accounting background to interact with and analyze various elements of helicopter maintenance organizations. Battles is a former manager of direct operating-cost programs at Bell Helicopter, where he worked with operators to analyze maintenance cost data and identify significant cost drivers. Battles is an active member of the HAI Economics Committee and has served as its chairman for 12 years.

Gary Potochnik (assistant instructor) has 33 year of aviation experience. He has an airframe and powerplant license and inspection authorization, and has served as an FAA-designated airworthiness representative in maintenance and in manufacturing. Potochnik currently serves as director of quality and certification for ATI Engineering Services. Past experience includes positions such as vice president in charge of quality management at Rotorcraft Services Group and MD Helicopters. Gary holds a private pilot certificate and has served as chairman of the HAI Economic Committee.

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for current and future supervisors, managers, and directors of maintenance of helicopter operations. In addition, individuals responsible for the management of spares, logistics, quality control, and warranties will benefit from this course.

Course Prerequisites

Professional Development Credit
Inspection Authorization Renewal (8 hrs.); FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician program