HELI-EXPO 2013 Professional Education Courses

The Nutz and Boltz of Financing or Leasing Your Helicopter - How it Really Works!

March 4, 2013 | | 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, Level 2
Management Skills Track


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Now that you have selected what helicopter to acquire, how do you decide whether to lease it, finance it, or purchase it for cash? This interactive seminar, designed by HAI’s Finance & Leasing Committee, answers this question by explaining the “dos and don’ts” and “whys and why nots” of the financing and leasing process.

This course will introduce attendees to the intricacies of the financing and leasing process and explore key concepts that include —

  • Capital Management
    • Loan vs. lease vs. cash – pros and cons, tax impact on structure, and break-even analysis
    • Purchase agreement – key elements in the negotiation process
  • Credit Review Process 
    • Inspections and valuations
    • Loan or lease proposals, term sheets, and commitment letters
    • Financial institution – what you need to know
    • Additional collateral – from security deposits to engine and/or airframe reserves
  • Wrapping Up the Deal 
    • Insurance – how to obtain the best quote
    • Titling, escrow, the Federal Aviation Administration, Capetown, and more

Attendees will have the knowledge to make informed decisions on whether to lease, finance, or purchase with cash when acquiring aircraft. Attendees will also understand the steps involved for each of these options and the important accounting, insurance, tax, titling, and legal considerations.

The course instructors are members of HAI’s Finance and Leasing Committee. Originally a subcommittee of the HAI Economics Committee, the HAI Finance and Leasing Committee is a multidisciplined committee dedicated to continually and consistently keeping HAI membership informed of important issues related to financing and leasing, accounting, tax, insurance, titling, legal, valuations, inspections, and related concerns that may impact members’ overall business practices and profitability. The committee’s secondary objective is to provide increased awareness and education to the financial community of the unique attributes of helicopter financing and leasing.

Who Should Attend
First-time helicopter owners; relatively new operators; those involved in purchasing, leasing, or financing helicopters; and those interested in learning more about these processes.

Course Prerequisites

Professional Development Credit